Application instructions
for scholarships and financial assistance 

The International School of Berne Foundation provides money for scholarships for the International School of Berne and for college/university education (post-secondary). The scholarship award is determined by a committee of the International School of Berne Foundation Board and is based on the academic promise of the student and the financial need of the family. Scholarships will only be awarded for a portion of the tuition fees charged by the school or university. 

In order to determine, whether you are eligible to apply for financial assistance and concerning the process, see the application instructions for scholarships and financial assistance. 

To apply for a scholarship award, please use the relevant form below:

Application Form no. 1 only for students attending or wishing to attend the International School of Berne

Application Form no. 2 only for university enrolment

Applications shall be filed no later than 31st March of the respective school/academic year. 

Please note that late and/or incomplete applications will not be processed.